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In the future Earth is discovered by beings from an association of over 100 planets.  In Exchange for natural resources and trade, earth's technology is brought up to date. All is well until the day a earth science ship is captured by the evil planet Marvon. As it's crew is held as spies, earth scrambles to send diplomats to an association assembly to defend it's ship and crew.  When a older veteran diplomat fails in the assembly, earth sends young Carrie Webb as a last hope. Carrie strikes at the Marvon diplomat and proposes a scavenger hunt with no rules to the determine the fate of the ship and crew. Earth sends it's best young pilots to be the crew.  Buth can they overcome personal differences and the inexperience of youth to not only save the crew, but prevent an all out war?

 Becky Vasquez was young medic in the US Air Force when drug runners attacked her while on a humanitarian mission in El Salvador.  While members of the party are wounded and dying, Becky and the others are betrayed and left to die by another party member, a man who Becky loved.
  Her zest for life lost, Becky accepts a job that she hopes will be routine and stress free on Mackinac Island in northern Lake Huron.  But Becky hadn’t counted on meeting dashing young Tim Green, himself running from a checkered past.  And neither of them counted on the sudden unexplained disappearances of boats and people in the waters surrounding the area.  When it appears an ancient curse is to blame, Becky and Tim are trust into a final confrontation with the unknown, all the while learning they can live and love again